Monday, June 17, 2024

A revolution in print

A dramatic change is underway in the global industry. In the utility sector, energy from renewable sources is now more accessible and affordable than that from fossil fuels. In transport, tens of millions of electric vehicles roam the world’s roads – when a decade ago they were almost unknown. In finance, some $31 trillion1 of funds are held in so-called ‘green’ investments.

This revolution is dramatic, disruptive, and driving forward at an unprecedented rate. And it is starting to gain traction in the print and packaging industries too. We are seeing ever more companies take a ‘circular economy’ approach to the way they produce packaging and paper products which is significantly more sustainable than the current norm. More materials than ever are designed to be reused and recycled – and traditional forms of packaging that are not easily reused are being displaced.

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A circular economy involves taking a new approach to print – by using materials that can be easily recycled, packaging that can be composted, and by using printers and machinery with low or no carbon footprint. While this development is exciting, obstacles remain; rates of recycling and reuse are still relatively low in much of the world. In the EU, for instance, only 56% of waste is recycled.

In this ebook, you can find how your brand or printing business can engage with this new approach to print.

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