Monday, May 27, 2024

A counterfeit culture

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Counterfeiting today is a multi-billion-dollar business. It’s more than bogus passports and imitation handbags – it can affect anything and everything, from your headphone to your morning medications to your identity.

No consumer is safe, no brand is untouchable, and no organization is out of reach.

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Today’s counterfeits don’t operate from backrooms and sell their wares on dark alleyways – they run huge-scale operations boasting advanced technology facilities, hot on the heels of the latest security innovations.

They sell falsified products on global eCommerce platforms and well-known social media streams. In fact, counterfeit and pirated goods now account for 3.3% of all global trade.

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And, as e-commerce continues to grow exponentially, consumers are becoming more accessible targets for counterfeiters. Brand owners need to be able to fight the fakes while proving the authenticity and legitimacy of their products.

In the wake of Covid-19, this has become more urgent and acute than ever. As demand for essential products increased and more consumers turned to internet shopping, counterfeit pharmaceuticals and medical devices boomed. A recent study found that counterfeit pharmaceuticals traded worldwide has reached EUR 4.03 billion.

With each successful security breach, counterfeiters are only getting better – and bolder. How can you get ahead of the threat without reinventing your security offering?

A sophisticated problem requires a sophisticated solution

In this eBook, you will learn about how HP Indigo Secure makes it possible to stay ahead of counterfeiters with a never-seen-before adaptive security shield that provides multi-layer digital armor on just one press – in just one pass.

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