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3D Neopac wins two Star Awards from IFCA

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3D Neopac, a global provider of tube packaging for cosmetics and health care, and part of the Hoffmann Neopac Group in Switzerland, has received two Star Awards from the Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA). For the 2023 competition, 3D Neopac was recognized in the ‘Innovations Leading to Sustainability’ category for a cosmetic tube for Tata Trent face wash, and in the ‘Best Branding through Packaging’ category for CavinKare’s Bikers Face Wash.

For Tata Trent’s face wash, 3D Neopac designed a laminated tube on the cutting edge of sustainability trends. With a reduced wall thickness of 390 microns, the tube saves overall diameters 23.6% on virgin plastics. It utilizes HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a widely recyclable material making it easier for consumers to contribute to a more circular economy.

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Enhancing its aesthetic appeal, the tube features a hybrid printing technique that combines the advantages of digital and flexographic printing, allowing visually appealing graphics with intricate details and vibrant colors. All totaled, the tube effectively replaces EVOH with HDPE to promote eco-friendliness, reduce environmental impact, and offer reliability and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

For its Bikers men’s face wash, CavinKare uses a tube boasting a complex and captivating combination of screen and flexographic printing techniques, resulting in a visually compelling aesthetic. Among its standout features is a 360-degree hot foiling effect that radiates elegance and opulence from every angle. The dramatic embellishment adds an elegant grandeur that helps differentiate it in a highly competitive space.

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Meticulously designed, the Bikers face wash tube measures a robust 550 microns in thickness with an EVOH layer. This helps support the product’s rugged yet sophisticated appeal and with a full bounce effect, in addition to offering long-lasting product protection and shelf stability.

IFCA’s annual award ceremony recognizes excellence in creativity, design, development, and innovation in flexible packaging solutions.

“Our team is continuously working on new and improved sustainable tube solutions that improve eco-friendliness for brands, but do not compromise quality and appearance,” said Prasad Sathe, head of sales and marketing of 3D Neopac India. “We are thrilled to have been recognized for these efforts, along with our brand partners, in reducing waste and increasing recyclability in India and beyond.”

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